Introduction to the day and presentation of the VETree project
Vikki Bengtsson, Pro Natura, Sweden

Presentation_VETree_Vikki_Bengtsson (pdf, 504.55K)


European perspective on the importance of veteran trees
Ted Green, Ancient Tree Forum, UK

European_perspective_Ted_Green (pdf, 2.43M)


Cultural and historical values of veteran trees in Sweden
Håkan Slotte, Swedish National Heritage Board, Sweden

Cultural_values_Håkan_Slotte (pdf, 475.39K)


Protection of Veteran Trees in Sweden
Hasse Berglund, Environmental Protection Agency, Sweden

Protection_Sweden_Hasse_Berglund (pdf, 255.14K)


Managing veteran trees at a landscape scale
Claes Svedlindh, County Administrative Board of Östergötland, Sweden

Managing_landscape_scale_Claes_Svedlindh (pdf, 974.80K)


Specialist management demands skilled tee workers – a European perspective (not available yet)
Tomislav Vitkovic, past president of the European Arboriculture Council, Croatia


LONA “Värna Skyddsvärda Träd” project - veteran trees in urban environments
Linda Ternström, HUV

LONA_project_Linda_Ternström (pdf, 3.22M)


LONA “Värna Skyddsvärda Träd” project - veteran trees in urban environments
Jörgen Olsson, Trollhättan Stad, Sweden

Urban_environments_Jörgen_Olsson (pdf, 762.86K)


Veteran trees in Romania
Mircea Cazan, member of Romanian Parliament

Romania_Mircea_Cazan (pdf, 13.27K)


Wood pastures in Saxon Transylvania
Luminita Holban, Director of Ecotransilvania Association, Romania

Saxon_Transylvania_Luminita_Holban (pdf, 851.40K)


Challenges for us – securing the future of veteran trees in Europe
Jill Butler, National advisor on veteran trees for the Woodland Trust, UK

Challenges_Jill_Butler (pdf, 658.83K)


The Rural Landscapes of Europe (not available yet)
Urban Emanuelsson, Centre for Biodiversity, Sweden