Progresul Silvic


“Progress Forest” Society is a non-profit juridical personality that was acquired in 2002 and working in forestry, environmental protection and biodiversity conservation.
We have a total of 57 members, most of them forest engineers, and teachers or specialist in the field of natural sciences, social, and technical institute who completed their university degree.
In the forest sector, P. S. members participated in professional exchanges with other counties with the forest engineers of the Forestry Association of Thuringia with whom we have a partnership resulted in several meetings both in Romania and in Thuringia. We were also partners in the organization of the "Forest management in Europe Conference” in 2006.
Our specialists are involved in each year during the action "Month of planting trees", in the planting of seedlings actions performed by students from schools and high schools from Sibiu, the actions of sanitation of the forest and walking trails.
In 2010, S. P. S has signed contracts with the Ministry of Environment and Forests administration for two Natura 2000 sites: ROSCI10227 Sighisoara-Tarnava Mare ROSPA0099 Hartibaciu, both with an area of 250,000 ha. To manage these sites we had to constitute an entire structure starting with the 15 rangers and ending with a specialist in forestry, biology, GIS, etc.



Role in the VETree project

'Progresul Silvic' is responsible for the implementation of work package 3 - organising two pilot training workshops, one in Romania and one in Belgium. These workshops will be important in testing out and perfecting the training package for a one-day course in ancient tree management.
'Progresul Silvic' is also involved in some of the other work packages, providing the perspective of the Romanian beneficiary of innovation, and making sure the transferred materials respond effectively to needs on the ground.
After the end of the project, our organisation will be responsible for ensuring the sustainability and exploitation of the project's results in Romania.


Contact persons
Marius Ureche:

str. Calea Dumbravii nr. 140
550399 Sibiu,