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The ATF started as a loose group of colleagues who enjoyed standing underneath ancient trees and discussing them!  It was officially founded in 1998 and is a company registered in the UK as well as a charity.  We hold two field meetings and have a two day ‘forum’ each year which are attended by people from a wide range of backgrounds including arborists, biologists, historians, advisers and members of public.  We have produced a range of leaflets and in 2013 published our first book on the management of ancient trees.  The ATF works closely with many Governmental and NGO partner organisations working towards its aim of no avoidable loss of ancient trees in the UK.  The business plan was completed in 2011 followed by the business plan in 2012 and funding is actively being sought to expand the organisation.  There are local affiliated groups in various regions of the UK and we have one member of staff who is working on the VETree project.  



Role in the VETree project

The ATF is responsible for the implementation of work package 5 train the trainer workshops, one each in the UK, Spain and Sweden. The bulk of the knowledge, skills and innovative techniques in veteran tree management has been developed by the ATF in the UK. The ATF co-ordinate the delivery, promotion and reporting regarding the workshops.
ATF is also involved in the other work packages such as supplying specialist guidance materials and monitoring the development of skills in the pilot workshops to ensure successful outcomes. The ATF promote the project in the UK and will exploit the project materials after the end of the project term.


Contact persons:
Claire Harkin:

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