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Helen Read

Ancient Tree Forum, UK


Previous questions

"Hi Helen, I went to the "Deutsche Baumpflegetage 2019" in Augsburg / Germany last week to see Neville Fay with his talk about ancient trees. He also mentioned the management course about veteran trees VetCert. Are there any courses planned for 2019? I am from Germany.

Thank you and kind regards!"

  • Answer: "Hi, I'm glad you enjoyed Neville's talk. We have trialled most of the course but we are still working on the content. We hope it will be finished by August but we have no dates yet for when we will run it. Probably the first will be in October/November. I suggest that you regularly check the VETcert webpages ( for details. If you would like to attend a course in the UK you can also sign up for the Ancient Tree Forum newsletter ( where details of any courses will be listed. There are also likely to be courses running in Belgium but these will be in Dutch. At the moment we have no plans to run courses in Germany."

"it was a pleasure to meet you. i am fascinated by your project and please let me know what i can do to help. thanks"

  • Answer: "Hi Kevin
    The best way to keep up to date is through the or web pages or sign up for Facebook and/or Twitter for both. There are lots of events going on and we now have many regional groups in the UK who are often looking for help so I'm sure they would be glad to hear from you."

i am from south America, am an ISA Arborist and ISA Tree Worker, in my job i am responsable one from our heritage trees. Am very interested in have all information and expertise about old tree care.
i am instructor of municipal tree workers and would like to have de VETree Certification and all the available info. can you tell me the steps i have to follow?
thanks a lot, an old tree hugh!

  • Answer: "Hi Jorge

    Good to hear that there are people in South America who are interested in veteran trees. The VETcert project is very active at the moment and we are testing and finalising the exam procedure at the moment. Everything will be ready by the end of August when the project finishes and then the various partners will then be able to run exams in their own countries. Perhaps the best for you might be those run by our Spanish partner, Asociation Espanola de Arboricultura but we will also be running them in the UK. The VETcert website ( gives more information on the partners (with emails so you can contact them directly) and you can also follow on Twitter and Facebook. Here you should be able to find out when and where the exams will take place. The standards - what you need to know - are already on the website in various languages. It would be great to get VETcert rolled out to more countries."

"Good morning,
there are guidelines for the management of veteran trees?
If so, I would like his comment, because I need to update my thesis in forestry.
thank you"

  • Answer: "Hi Johannes
    You can find good guidelines on the management of veteran trees in the training material on this website ( Click on 'training products' and from there you can find a handbook and some videos about veteran tree management, all of which are free to download. These are available in a variety of languages including Swedish, Flemish, Romanian and Spanish if any of these languages are better for you than English. The e-learning part of the website might also help too.

    You can also find information on the Ancient Tree Forum Website ( Click on 'resources' and this part of the website has books and leaflets for download too.

    I hope this helps and wish you good luck with your thesis.

I met Neville Fay at the "Deutsche Baumpflegetage" in Augsburg, Germany last week, and heard about the vetree project. I was very excited to hear that there are couses about veteran tree management!
No I see the project is over it seems, and there are no courses anymore, is that true?
If not, I would be very lucky if you can ad me to your list of interested if you gave one!
I am a working Arborist in Austria.
Do you have any contact already from Austria maybe? Yves from Inverde (Belgium) thought there are some, but maybe he ment Germans.

Thanks a lot,
and greetings from blooming Upper Austria,

  • Answer: "Hi Max

    Although the trial courses under the VETree project have all finished the partners in the project will continue to run some. In the UK we have two 3-day courses planned for 2015 in September/October and December. You can find details by going to the ATF (Ancient Tree Forum) website and look under events, the booking form gives full details for both courses. Our courses will be run in English and you would be very welcome to attend. I know that ProNatura are planning some courses in Sweden too (probably in Swedish). German was not one of the project languages so you would have to follow the course in English, Swedish, Flemish, Romanian, Spanish or Basque! If you know how to get some funding, and there are enough people interested, the material could be translated into German and we could consider doing a course for you in Austria!"