Amigos de los Árboles Viejos / Zuhaitz Zaharren Lagunak


Amigos de los árboles viejos (Ancient Trees Friends) is a non governmental organization concerned with Nature conservation.  Its main goal is the conservation of ancient trees and their biological diversity associated.  It has implantation in Navarre and other areas of north of Spain since 2005. It consists of a team of professionals with extensive experience in conservation of biological groups associated with old trees: saproxylic insects, birds, bats, arboreal mammals, bryophytes, fungi and lichens, as well as management of forests and trees with a high ecological value. Their work since then has been directed to produce specific technical material about the importance of conservation of ancient trees and to disseminate it.




Role in the VETree project

Amigos de los árboles viejos is responsible for the implementation of work package 6 - Disemination. AAV co-ordinate the communication through press, social media and divulgative and scientific papers.
AAV is also involved in the other work packages such as supplying specialist guidance materials and monitoring the development of skills in the pilot workshops to ensure successful outcomes. AAV promote the project in Spain and after the end of the project AAV will do its best to ensure a proper app for results and materials.


Contact persons:
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Amigos de los árboles viejos / Zuhaitz zaharren lagunak
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